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Krafton is also the inventor of PUBG Mobile, a Battleroyale game with a lighter version dubbed PUBG Mobile Lite. Almost all mid-range and low-end cellphones in the country could play the game. As a result, BGMI Lite is planned to be released soon. Krafton is expected to release BGMI Lite soon for consumers with low-configuration mobile devices, according to recent sources. Official confirmations from officials regarding the BGMI Lite Release date, as well as any official website, have yet to be established. Hopefully, Krafton India will provide more details on this soon.

BGMI Lite is an adaptation of the PUBG PC Steam version. However, it’s created for low-end mobile devices with mid-range configurations. The Control scheme has been simplified to accommodate the fact that most cellphones support only single-finger touchscreens.

Preparations are being made to launch BGMI Lite on Xioami Redmi 7A/ Pro/ 5A and similarly spec'd devices. It is also speculated that PUBG Mobile Lite will be launched in India by next month. Sources close to the matter say that they are looking forward to releasing an application with a smaller file size, less battery consumption and more optimized performance in the new version of BGMI Lite. The application would come packed with a new themed interface where characters would be shown in action. 

Ahead of its release, Krafton India has been asked to provide more details regarding the BGMI Lite Release date and the official website. The company and its executives have yet to provide any official confirmations about the same. However, sources close to the matter state that BGMI Lite is being prepared for launch by next month. Krafton India also looks forward to relaunching their latest PUBG Mobile Lite app soon on devices with similar configurations in addition to other devices.

BGMI Lite Release Date 

For Android users, BGMI has already been released on the Google Play Store. Now that BGMI has been released and everything is in place, gamers are eager to learn when and how BGMI Lite will be released.

Many people are looking forward to PUBG Mobile's comeback to India under the name "Battlegrounds Mobile India." However, Krafton remained tight-lipped about the BGMI Lite release date.

Because no formal announcement has been made on the game's launch, pre-registration has not yet begun, or there are no issues. However, pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite may begin in the near future.

As a result, here's all you need to know about BGMI Lite and BGMI Lite release date. When will BGMI Lite be released?

"BGMI Lite is still in the works. We have a list of things to be completed before it can be released," said a source familiar with BGMI India's development status. "The speed at which we deliver is dependent upon the time needed for development and testing, which is why we will not have a release date anytime soon."

It isn't known if the team has something to do with the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India, or if the new mobile game will use PUBG Mobile's model. For now, no official announcements have been made about BGMI Lite.

BGMI Lite for Android Version APK

Name of Article BGMI Lite 
Name of Game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 
Game Developer Krafton Corporation, South Korea 
BGMI Android Launched Date 17 June 2021 (Early Access) 
Andriod Official Release 2nd July 2021 (Full Version) 
BGMI Lite Release Date Available Soon 
BGMI iOS Launched Date Available Soon 
BGMI for Windows 11 Launched Date Available Soon 
Game Category Battle Royale 
Launched Country India 
Official Website 

BGMI Lite Pre-Registration & Early Access 

Pre-registration for BGMI Lite will be accessible on the Google Play Store once it is released into beta. BGMI Lite Early Access will be offered to a limited number of users at first. However, there is still no word on the release date or timeline for BGMI Lite.

The introduction of a lighter version of the game has been requested by a large number of players. However, the game's publisher, Krafton, has made no mention of a BGMI Lite edition. Birds who pre-register for BGMI Lite will receive a welcome bonus (boxes and coins) once it is ready. The game has the following features:

The game experience in BGMI Lite is the same as in the original game, but it is smoother and error-free. The game's publisher, Krafton, hopes to chase away the game's slow loading speed and improve the game's stability by using the lighter version.

The game uses Google Play services for achievements, Cloud save (Google Drive), friends, leaderboard and multiplayer.

Announced on 19th of February 2017 by VNG Corp, a spin-off from VNG Corporation which has it as its main business. VGNC is built around a core team of experienced game developers who have worked on titles such as Monster Legends, Clash of Kings and League of Angels. The pre-registration campaign will start on the 19th of February and will last for 7 days.



After Pubg Mobile was banned in India, Krafton will relaunch it under a new brand. After being outlawed in September, Pubg Mobile will be relaunched in India as Krafton, Battleground Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access will begin on June 17, 2021, according to Krafton. Players can sign up to be programme testers and have access to the beta version of the game on the Google Play Store.

Kraton Developer Corporation released Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) for the Android platform on July 2, 2021. We provide instructions on how to get BGMI Lite from the Google Play Store.

Krafton has not started pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India Lite at this time. You must pre-register for BGMI Lite in order to use it on your mobile device or PC.

From time to time, we shall update the information below. You may get Battleground Mobile India Lite APK from Google Play Store using the information provided below.

Minimum system requirements for BGMI Lite

Krafton has not started pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India Lite at this time. You must pre-register for BGMI Lite in order to use it on your mobile device or PC.

From time to time, we shall update the information below. You may get Battleground Mobile India Lite APK from Google Play Store using the information provided below.

  • The BGMI Lite download is 379 MB in size.
  • The aesthetics in Battlegrounds Mobile India have been considerably improved.
  • For high-end phones, enables maximum UHD graphics with frame rates of 90 FPS.
  • The Royal Pass will be delivered in one month, and every three months, a new season will be introduced.
  • Sensitivity levels have been decreased from 400 to 300.
  • There are two classic maps and two arcade maps.

How To Download BGMI Lite APK?

  • The Google Play Store is where you can get the APK version of BGMI Lite.
  • Once the app has been launched, go to the Play Store and search for the BGMI Lite app.
  • The BGMI Lite application can be downloaded and installed.
  • You will receive a beta version of the game if you have already registered for BGMI Lite.
  • Open the APK file for the BGMI Lite app that you downloaded.
  • Now, using the scroll buttons below, scroll down and click on "You are a beta tester," as displayed.
  • You can now download the final version by clicking the provided download button.

BGMI Lite Official Download Link

BGMI lite will be a simplified version of BGMI that uses the same gameplay principles and strategies as the original game. Although the aesthetics, audio quality, terrain, and lobby sizes are all different. The BGMI light is designed specifically for players with low-end devices to give them a real battle royale experience. on a low-end computer

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on the Google Play Store for Android handsets. It may be downloaded through the appropriate Play Store or by following the link. By logging into the game, gamers may also earn thrilling incentives.

There has yet to be an official announcement about the BGMI Lite pre-registration date. The Krafton India firm may announce pre-registration for BGMI lite shortly.

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