Baisakhi 2022 Mein Kab Hai || बैसाखी 2022 में कब हैं, कैसे पड़ा बैसाखी नाम

Baisakhi 2022 Mein Kab Hai. 

Baisakhi 2022 Mein Kab Hai

  • Baisakhi 2022
  • Thursday, 14 April 2022
  • Overview: Prayer, Procession, Nishan Sahib Flag Raising
  • Holiday Type: Punjabi Festival
  • Religions featured in Sikhism, Hinduism
  • Significance: Birth of Khalsa, Hindu Solar New Year, Harvest Festival 

The people of the Sikh religion celebrate the Baisakhi festival as the new year. This year the festival of Baisakhi will be celebrated on 14 April 2022. Baisakhi is also celebrated as a harvest festival, as it is the time for the harvesting of Rabi crops. Mainly celebrated in Punjab and Haryana, apart from this, people of the Sikh community living outside the country and outside India celebrate the festival of Baisakhi with gaiety. This festival is very special for the Sikh community, people do the Bhangra and Giddha and celebrate happiness with relatives and friends. So let us know through the article what is the importance of this festival and how to celebrate this festival.

Kise para Baisakhi Nam (How Baisakhi got its name).

On the festival of Baisakhi, there is a Visakha constellation in the sky. This month is called Baisakhi due to Visakha being in Nakshatra Purnima. Overall, the first day of the month of Vaishakh is called Baisakhi. On this day the Sun enters Aries, hence it is also called Aries Sankranti. Baisakhi festival is celebrated every year in the month of April when the Sun enters Aries. This event happens every year only on 13 or 14 April.

How Baisakhi is celebrated.

How Baisakhi is celebrated

  • On the day of Baisakhi, people wake up early in the morning and go to the Gurudwara and pray.
  • On this day, the place of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Gurudwara is purified with water and milk, and Guru Vani is heard.
  • A special type of nectar is prepared for the Sikh community which is distributed among the people. On this day people stand in a row and take nectar five times.
  • Ardas takes place in the afternoon and after that, the prasad is offered to the Guru, after which it is distributed.
  • After this, at last, the langar is tasted.

Baisakhi is the festival of Harvest.

Due to the change in the position of the sun, after this day the sun starts getting stronger and the heat starts. These hot rays ripen the Rabi crop. So it is like a festival for the farmers. This day is considered a symbol of change in the environment. In the month of April, winter completely ends and the summer season begins. This festival is also celebrated due to the natural change of weather.

Importance of Baisakhi.

Importance of Baisakhi

According to the followers of Sikhism, on the day of Baisakhi, Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of Sikhs, founded the holy Khalsa Panth in 1699. Guru Gobind Singh ji is known for his courage and bravery. Guru Gobind Singh ji took the risk of raising his voice against atrocities and instilling courage in the people. He called upon the people to form an organization of Sikhs in Anandpur and in this meeting he raised the sword and asked the people who were the brave warriors, then one of them came out, Guru Gobind Singh ji took them with him to the pandal and filled them with blood. When he came back with a stained sword and asked the same question again, a servant came again, in the same way five people came forward one by one who were called Panj Pyare. They were given the name of Khalsa Panth.

Significant of Baisakhi

For Sikhs and Hindus, Baisakhi is a spring harvest celebration. Every year on April 13 or 14, it is commemorated. It celebrates the creation of the Khalsa Panth of soldiers under Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 and marks the start of the Sikh new year. Vaisakhi is an ancient Hindu celebration that commemorates the Solar New Year as well as the spring harvest. Baisakhi was also the day when colonial British empire officers massacred a crowd at Jallianwala Bagh, an act that influenced the Indian independence struggle.

Gurdwaras are decorated and kirtans are conducted on the festival day, Sikhs wash in lakes or rivers before attending local Gurdwaras, community fairs and Nagar kirtan processions are organized,, and people assemble to mingle and celebrate.

Many beliefs of Baisakhi.

There are many theories behind the Vaisakhi festival, in which according to the Mahabharata, when Maharaja Yudhishthira along with his brothers goes to the forest for 14 years, then at the same time he stays in the areas of Katraj Tal of Punjab.
According to mythological beliefs, one day Maharaj Yudhishthira sends his younger brother to a pond for water, on which some questions are asked to him by the Yaksha in the lake, and if they are not answered correctly, Yudhishthira's four brothers die. After which, when Yudhishthira finally reaches there, the lake again puts this condition before him that when you answer all my questions correctly, then I will make you alive your four brothers and at the same time permission to take water. I will provide

Maharaj Yudhishthira, accepting all the conditions, gives the correct answers to all the questions of the Yaksha, due to which the life of his four brothers came back. This month was of Vaishakh, so from that day it was celebrated as Baisakhi festival. On the evidence of this belief, even today people celebrate by organizing fairs, worship, drums and drums etc. in a grand manner in the Katraj Tal area.
This festival has special significance for the Sikhs. Since on this day the Khalsa Panth was established by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs. On the day of Vaisakhi, Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa Panth at Anandpur Sahib. According to the circumstances of that time, the immediate reason for the establishment of the Khalsa Panth was to free the common man from the tyranny of the Mughal rulers.

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